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Is Jack in the Box pursuing any international development?
Jack in the Box is not currently pursuing franchise opportunities outside of the United States.
Does Jack in the Box provide financing for restaurant development?
Although Jack in the Box does not finance franchise development, we can provide you with a list of potential lenders that you are free to contact.
May I build one restaurant or do I have to commit to several restaurants?
Jack in the Box is looking for franchisees that have the financial and operational ability to develop multiple restaurant locations.
Does Jack in the Box purchase the real estate on behalf of the franchisee, provide real estate leases or build-to-suit arrangements?
New site locations will be acquired by each franchisee. They are also responsible for contracting and managing the construction of each restaurant.
Many QSR chains have restrictions on where franchisees can build restaurants; does Jack in the Box have any type of territorial restrictions?
Development areas will be defined in a Development Agreement.
May I "buy" a development territory?
Development Agreements are negotiated to indicate the number of restaurants to be developed in a defined geographic area over a specified period of time.
What is the initial investment associated with developing a Jack in the Box restaurant?
See our page on the Initial Investment Criteria.
What kind of support can I expect from Jack in the Box during the real estate and construction process?
Jack in the Box provides assistance on a local basis by offering a real estate manager and construction support manager to guide you in the site selection and construction processes. Sites are reviewed and approved by a real estate committee at the Jack in the Box Corporate Support Center.
What types of support does Jack in the Box offer in conjunction with my first restaurant opening?
Jack in the Box has a Regional Marketing Manager that will guide you in the process of opening your first restaurant.
May I develop a Jack in the Box restaurant inside or adjoining a convenience store or gas station?
Currently, Jack in the Box seeks only traditional drive-thru restaurant locations.
I own a piece of property that would be ideal for a new Jack in the Box restaurant. Will Jack in the Box develop the site and award the franchise to me?
Jack in the Box's site selection process is completely separate from our franchisee selection process. The designated franchisee or Jack in the Box will manage all of the site evaluation, acquire the property and construct the building. Do you have a great location that you are interested in selling? Please contact the appropriate Real Estate Consultant or Manager.
What other types of ongoing support does Jack in the Box provide?
List of standard calendar of events Jack in the Box provides operations and marketing assistance to guide you in executing new product launches, regional marketing plans and promotions, and offers extensive on-going training programs for employees and managers through computer-based training
What are the Jack in the Box franchise fees?
Amounts listed are per restaurant and are subject to change.
  • Development Fee: $25,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000
  • Royalty Fee: 5% of gross sales
  • Marketing Fee: 5% of gross sales
How much profit can I expect from my Jack in the Box restaurants?
Jack in the Box does not disclose the projected profit, or forecast financial results for your business. Unit level performance varies from location to location and many factors influence profitability levels. Jack in the Box provides an Item 19 disclosure in the Franchise Disclosure Document for your review that highlights franchisee performance across 5 sales ranges in the states where franchisees currently operate.
I want to become a Jack in the Box franchisee. What is the process?
Our award process involves multiple steps Award Process & Fees.


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